Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Day 56 : Covid-19 Lockdown in Taupo : "River or Rain"

Grace is amazing.
It is a gift from God through Jesus Christ.
Not a single person deserves Gods grace and yet He pours it out lavishly.
So good!

Grace is amazing.
It has the power to lift ones life from where it is now to something better.
To the lost and broken, grace is the platform to help them rise above, find hope and healing, and move onto life in all its fullness just as God as promised.
So good!

Now to flick back to the river vs rain part...
And don't get wound up about the generalisations...

If you see grace as like a river you potentially see grace as very good.
You want it to flow into your life. To keep flowing into your life.
You swim in it once you think you can trust it.
You float along in its current.
And it takes you to new and exciting places.

From my many experiences, I have encountered many who love this grace.
They grab hold of it gratefully to rescue them from what has happened in their lives. Sometimes to help them recover from the bad choices that we are all wrestle with along life's journey.

Then there is a moment. It comes at some point to everyone.
Where the river is no longer simple and safe, where rapids appear, and the grace river is no longer as they expect.
This is where someone hurts them either intentionally but most of the time unintentionally.
This is where a leader doesn't meet an unwritten expectation.
This is where a Pastor like me isn't as perfect as we all hoped.
When grace is seen only to be a river flowing into a life, they can potentially struggle, get offended, fire off some shots, and many times walk away.

If you see grace like rain, I think this takes it to a whole new level.
Just as rain comes via precipitation to even create a river in the first place, this is where we see grace as flowing in and then through our lives.
Where we recognise there is a mysterious and yet divine cycle to the process.
Rain never makes a choice as to whether where it falls deserves it. It just does it.
Rain doesn't judge the worthiness of the soil. It never rationalises the fruit of its endeavours.
Rain rains. It can do no other.

I want to encourage you, as I did over the weekend to those who tuned in, to go on a fresh journey exploring grace.
To make sure it is raining into your life and through.
To make sure we are not holding back from receiving it or passing it on.
I believe our lives should have grace like rain.

Grace is the defining characteristic of God's amazing character.
Can I encourage you to make it yours as well?

Something to think about...

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