Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas from us to you...

I am taking a much needed break from blogging and working and whatever...
Back in the New Year with new thoughts and bigger dreams!

May God bless you heaps!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas is the ultimate Birthday Party!

You can be forgiven for actually wondering what on earth Christmas is all about today? 
One minute it is portrayed as the ultimate shopping time of the year, another minute it is all about Santa, elves and mystical flying reindeer, and finally others see it as some sort of a special religious season.

I actually think Christmas is the ultimate Birthday Party!
At its heart and based on an amazing enduring tradition, this is a Birthday Party for a baby they simply called Jesus.

The historical account of this happened around 2000 years ago while his parents Mary & Joseph were visiting Josephs families ancestral home due to a census.
Mary had travelled to Bethlehem heavily pregnant and probably wasn’t expecting this to be the way she was to meet her little one, but in a panic had to find a place to rest and partake in the miracle that is giving birth.

As her contractions began another challenge presented itself to this young family.
Due to this census and lots of visitors to Bethlehem, they discovered there was no room at the normal places you would possibly stay back in those days. This was way before book-a-batch and googling available motels!
All they could find was a stable. A place where farm animals sheltered, slept and feed. 

And there in that most inauspicious of locales, Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Western cultures have excitedly for many generations built a celebration around this Birthday and we continue that tradition again today very proudly.
Just as we try to make a child’s Birthday something special and memorable, so to the first Christmas was something special and memorable.
Back then it was recorded that people celebrated with special songs, amazing things happened in the sky, and gifts were given and received. We mirror that sentiment today in our own way, culture and context.

May this Christmas be for you a Birthday Party for Jesus.
May you find joy, rest, hope and peace.

Something to think about...

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Who wants it more?

Something I have been thinking about this week in line with the Holiday Season is who wants it more?
Do we want to be in God's presence more than God wants to be with us, or vice versa?

The more I thought about this the more curious I got.
The more I thought about this I found myself remembering scriptures about God's desire to be with and meet with us.
The more and more I pondered this, the more I realised God is all about being with us. He doesn't seem to move far away from that desire and goal. We seem to be the flexible ones in this divine relationship.

1. When God created the world and the first people, it is recorded He used to visit them during the "cool of the day". Beautiful imagery of God taking time to simply enjoy being with us.
2. When God promised a Saviour called Jesus He also named him something else, Emmanuel, which literally means God with us!
3. When Jesus was born it was in public and accessible for anyone and any station in life, again because He wants to be with us and not have social boundaries.
4. When kids were being brought to Jesus and some got upset that maybe this was disrespectful, He told them to never stop that from happening. He wants to be with them.
5. Just before Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection, He promised the Holy Spirit would come and minister to everyone. Jesus could only be one place at one time and yet the Holy Spirit can represent His heart and desire to be with us everywhere and at anytime.
You are probably getting my point by now?...

Acts 17:27 has this cool phrase "...he is not far from any one of us!"

This Christmas please know He wants to be with you, maybe even more than you realise and more than you want to be with Him.
Good cares about you not just from a distance, but right along your side.
Reach out for him today. Enjoy a God with you moment again and again.

Something to think about...

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

This Little Light of Mine

One of the seemingly most crazy things I ever experienced as a new believer in Christ was being in a Church and them singing an old song called "This Little Light of Mine".
Why was it so crazy?
For some reason the Pastor thought it a good idea to encourage everyone as they sung it to jump up on the chairs, to wave their thumb side to side like a candle, and sing it out with passion.
As someone pretty new to whole following Jesus thing it was a pretty strange thing to witness.
I didn't know whether to join in or hide.
Whether to laugh, cry or run screaming from the building...

The upshot of all this supposed craziness is that it left me with an indelible memory.
When scripture or someone else reminds me that God likes us be light to the world, I think back to that moment, I smile to myself, and then I think just how dramatic and impactful my light could be for Him.

As the song goes and the scripture it is based on, Jesus said this very clearly...
"Let your light shine"

You have a light that Christ gives you, and you also have the power to switch it on or off it seems.
Jesus goes on to explain you have light so don't cover it.
Try not to hide it.
He has made you a light for a very special reason I believe...

Sometimes when my wife and I go for evening walks it gets dark before we get home.
Suze is not a fan of walking over terrain that is rough in the dark so to give her what she needs in that moment, I turn on my phone torch mode and light our way home together.

Right now your light could bring comfort to someone who desperately needs it? To someone whose life journey and path has been rough and not kind.
Your light could bring them clarity. Bring them a measure of peace.
Your light could in fact lead them to Jesus!

Sing it with me..."This little light of mine, I'm gonna let is shine!"

Something to think about...