Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Day 42 : Covid-19 Lockdown in Taupo : "Strangely Excited"

We seem to have entered the phase that many have longed for, and yet are not sure what it really means? The coming out of lockdown phase maybe more slowly than some like, but also coming out none the less...

I have always had a sense that this time meant more to me and the Church I lead than being locked out of a building.
It was a time God has used to allow us to reflect on things, and more importantly plan for the future.
That is something I have spent many many hours doing.
It is also something I would like to encourage you to prayerfully do as well.

I feel safe to advice you to not just look forward to life as normal.
Normal has changed. Shifted. Rearranged itself on itself.
And even though that has happened, I want to encourage you to work out with Him what your post lockdown life and ministry should look like?
Ask Him to show where you need to shift, not just how recognise the world has shifted you.
Ask Him if there is anything you need to change, remove, rebuild, redefine, again not waiting on the world to tell you.

Right now I probably more excited for 2020 than I have ever been this year. Strange when you consider what has transpired.
But that feeling has all come from my foundation of building my thoughts and feelings around where I believe God is leading me.
Maybe this is your moment to do the same as me?
To not wait until it is over and just roll into life. But to purposely seek Him until your future and the vision of it becomes more clear?

Something to think about...

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