Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This simple thought is unashamedly going to carry on from what we shared on Sunday.
Like I always try to do, I try to share something from God that you can implement in your life beyond the moment you hear it.
I never just want to give people information.
I think helping someone’s life to be impacted is a way better outcome!

One of my favourite scriptures from Sunday…

Romans 12:10 ESV
Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honour.

Outdo one another...awesome stuff.
God getting us to be a little competitive over honour.

So is this something you do? Am I doing enough myself?
The reality is that we probably have a lot more room in our lives to honour others.
Even this morning I was thinking of how I could honour some of the most influential people who have been part of my life. Then it hit me. Publish it via this format.
This is not meant to embarrass anyone.
My heart is to express some thanks and honour to some of those who have truly impacted my life in some way.
So here goes…wish I could honour more!

Mum & Dad
It goes without saying that you are why I am here!
Thanks for being my parents. For blessing me so much in my childhood with so many opportunities and fantastic holidays!

Even though Gran you will never read this since you are 96...I still want to honour you for being awesome!Living not far from you as a kid was fantastic. All those afternoon teas have not been forgotten. The Whipped Cream and Honey Puffs for breakfast are an enduring memory.

Chris Chilton
Thanks for the support of my band when I was a teenager, when no one else seemed to believe in us. That newspaper article in the Southland Times is still a firm favourite in our house.

Sharon Winning (different last name now)
Thanks Sharon for letting me stay with you when I moved to Auckland in 91. Your support has more to do with my life now that what we probably both realize.

Dave Foote
You may not remember it, but without your invitation to eat some pizza and watch a video...I would not be doing what I do now. Your invitation changed everything for me! Thanks Major D...from Angus MC

John Houston
You will always be remembered by me as the guy who saw something in me that no one else saw. You took me under your wing as they say and helped me get started on my journey.

Mark Bilton
You and Helen were such a support. Letting me stay with you some weekends. Helens breakfast in bed was awesome! So honoured to know to you both. Never forgotten what you shared over my life the day I got baptised!

Don Newitt & Mandy Haynes
Thank you for believing in me and supporting me beyond what is normal. The opportunity to serve in your Church, to minister when we went away, and the ultimate of living with your family!
Wow, you deserve to be honoured!

Dave & Jean Fraser
It is still staggering to think you would ask me to live with you while I went to Bible College. You didn’t know me, but chose to sacrifice to enable me to grow in God. Thank you!

Chris Bethwaite
Good friends are sooo important. You have been there through most of my adult life. Good and Bad times. Thanks for being my mate!

Russell Ballantyne
You took me on as a staff member when it seemed not many others thought I could be of value. What you did for me set me on the course we are now on. Your belief in me made a huge difference!

Luke Brough
Another amazing Man of God who has supported me, believed in me and set me up for a fantastic future. You have done more for me than most would ever know. You are a fantastic leader and I count it an honour to be part of your team.

Rachel & Hayden Briscoe
Thank you for honoring us a little while ago with your connect group. You taught us a lot about honour!

Lynette & Treacle Warn
I never thought I would love sport like I do now. You Lynette are my super coach! Thanks for helping me get started and pushing me. Hope I can make you proud by achieving some other sporting goals.

Steven Furtick
Your messages and what you have done as a leader really inspires me. The world needs plenty more Church leaders like you!

Craig Groeschel
What an amazing example you are!
Your generosity is something that stands out in our world and amongst the Church. You deserve to be honoured for the impact you are having around the world!

So that is me just getting started…
Who can you think of to honour today?
What are you to do to about it?
How are you going to express it?

Something to think about…and do something about…
Can you outdo me?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We love to break the rules don’t we?
By ‘we’ I mean people in general…
If a sign says to not do something...there always seems to be someone who thinks it doesn’t apply to them.
If it is illegal to do something before a certain age...there are always many of us wanting to do it.

Some have said that “rules are meant to be broken”.
But is that something you can live by or just a catch phrase to throw out there when it suits us?

I have to admit that I always like to go above the speed limit. Not by much I must say.
It is easy for me to justify because I can say things like:
“Everyone is doing it.”
“I am a good driver.”
“The Police have a tolerance factor before giving you a ticket.”

In thinking about this today I realized that rules are not just meant for me.
When a sign says “do not enter”, it is not there just for me, it is there for the person who put it there.
When I break some rules thinking I am above that rule, I am actually saying that I am above the rule creator. That I am more important. And when you step back and look at it, that seems pretty arrogant doesn't it

Then let me throw in another component to this.
Especially when it comes to personal things.
When I don’t abide by someone else’s rules or wishes, is that really love? I mean, as people who say they love God, aren’t we meant to show love all the time.

Maybe that means others rules are something we can respect and show love for them through?
Kind of challenging isn’t it?
God hasn’t given us rules and guidelines in life just to control us. They are there to protect us as well.
On a deeper level, they are there to help us show respect for the one who gave them in the first place.

Something to think about…

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We all have seasons of things in life that demand by themselves that you think about their meaning to you.
For me these last few weeks have got me thinking about life after you finish living on this marble floating in space.

It also seems that many others around the world are thinking about this key part of ‘life’.
Much is being written in newly published books.
Even argued about…
For me I even purchased some books to study again about it, as I want to understand it as best I can.

Don’t get me wrong.
I think I know enough to give me comfort.
But there are plenty of ideas are floating around...

Some people think life stops after death, while others believe it lasts forever in another form.
Some people think your life is transferred into another generation, while others believe it is a once only assignment inside a casing we call a body.

My encouragement to you is to look at it.
Death is not the end of life. It is just the end of this life.
I firmly believe there is an eternity to be looked forward to. In fact you are already at the beginning of your eternity! This is the beginning stages for you and me. No matter how old you are, you are still only at the beginning in the light of how long eternity lasts.

Jesus said that He is going to prepare a place for us.
The ultimate lover of your life is working away preparing somewhere else for you to be. He is getting prepared for all of our arrivals. It is ultimately our choice whether to take him up on His generous offer.

God has also promised us that this place will be different. And by different I am not talking just about the scenery and the food. I am talking about that it will be better than you can truly imagine. He says there will be no more pain, suffering, injustice...nothing to ever make you unhappy!

While I wait for that day (I am in no hurry), I have determined in my heart to make the most of this life, this intro to eternity now. I am not waiting for eternity.
I am living it now in the form God has blessed me with now.

Something to think about…

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


God wants you to have the whole picture.
Not just some idea of who He is, what He is about or even what He is looking for.
While this for most of us takes a lifetime to get close to, it is still at the heart I believe of Gods plan for you and me.
That is why I get ‘concerned’ about what many other Christians believe, promote and live by sometimes.
It seems they have learnt, been taught or just decided God is a certain way only, and then have lined up their life accordingly.

I have been reading a book by an author I used to really enjoy. But lately his messages have made me more and more uncomfortable. It is like something is missing…
His latest offering has tipped me over the edge.
I am struggling to read it because there is a lot missing from the story. It is like he has decided God is just one thing and that one thing to him overrides everything else about God.
It concerns me greatly what others now believe after reading his ideas, and the consequences that may follow?

Other leaders have lately wandered into debates over sexuality.
This is so dangerous when you don’t give the full story.
Basing an answer purely on scientific thought while ignoring the Bible completely can never be seriously considered ‘God’s will’ in my opinion.

An older friend of mine told me that the Bible said he could leave his wife because the Greek original text said he could. The major problem there is that he got the translation wrong!
That didn’t stop others around agreeing with him.

People like you and me make life changing decisions based on what we think we know.

Check out this scripture…

Acts 20:27 NKJV
For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.

Why did Paul say this?
Because he wanted his listeners to be prepared.
He wanted them to finish their race.
He even warns them that... 29For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.

My encouragement to you is pretty simple really...
Don’t be afraid to read God’s word.
Don’t be afraid to wrestle with concepts and check them out with people who you know you can trust.
Don’t be afraid to cry “God, help me to understand!”

Please don’t settle for less than the whole!
Go after the FULL GOSPEL!
You are worth it...

Something to think about…