Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Records Do Fly

My mum had a record album we used to listen to every Christmas.
And it was special for a number of reasons...
Firstly it was a clever little tune that had a story about WW1 and Christmas.
Secondly, I understand it was a gift my Mum was given many years before when she was young.

Sadly this great memory, tradition and entertainment piece came to a messy end!
During a stupid argument between two very silly kids one day, this said record was used by one of them as a weapon.
I don't know why it came down to such a level? Maybe they thought if thrown properly it would decapitate the other?
I can still see in my memory the virtual video of the event.
The record seemed to twist and swirl in the air as it flew awkwardly.
It quickly sailed past one kids ducking head. And it came to rest against the wall behind them.
Needless to say, but that record didn't come out too well.
It exploded like the bombs the christmas tune it held talked about so well.

You might be wondering what happened next...
Well, you can only imagine how hard is was to tell our Mum how stupid we had been.
I have never forgotten the look on her face...

Christmas presents are not just presents!
They are in theory reflections of love and care towards another person.
They indicate someone was willing to sacrifice something financially to be a blessing to another.
We can talk about our favourite or our least favourite for hours. Most of us have those stories. But I think the fact there was a gift at all is important.
There is meaning and in time memory, because of the gift.

My Grandma gave me a Bible one year. And I was pretty slacked off about it at the time.
I wanted a toy of some kind, and preferably with a gun in the title. 
But I got a Bible.
I wondered for years why she got me one. It is not like it was ever on my Christmas wish list.
Now, exactly 33 years later, I have it sitting on my desk beside as I type these thoughts.
I have often wondered if she ever dreamed about how much an impact it would have on my life?
I mean, it was just a present...

When Jesus was born...there were presents. To some they were strange items to give.
They had meaning and purpose.
When Jesus was born...He was also the gift. To some it seemed the most strange thing for God to give.
This special gift had meaning and purpose.
And here you are a long time after you were born...and you also are gift!

I kind of feel not to wrap this up with some tidy little conclusion for you...
My heart is that something in what I have said stirs something inside you a little.
That you let God lead your heart and thoughts. Then you would act on what he might show you.
And in that way, you will probably have a better chance of making this a very special Christmas indeed.

Something to think about...this Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"A long time a go there was no room for Jesus...
So his mum gave birth in a cow shed!
Jesus is still looking for room.
Will it be the left over space in our lives or the best space in our lives?"

I had that thought on Monday this week.
Fired it onto my facebook page because I thought it had a profound meaning.
In fact, I still feel the same way...

The question this Christmas remains...
How much room do we have for Jesus?
How much room do we have for God in our lives?

It is fundamentally an extremely important question to ask yourself especially at this time of the year.
So much is happening. Life is busy and life is fast.
And if you are not careful, the most important of reasons for the season can be missed in 'the busy'.

God asks us for all our life. That is no simple request.
He asks us to love and follow Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.
An issue for us is that many people do this for a season and then let other things crowd that passion into a corner or a spare space in their life.
When I look at the times I felt the most close to Him, it was when I was the most passionate and dedicated to that relationship.
The more room I gave Him, that better things got.

So as the days to Christmas countdown ever so quickly...
Can I ask you to take a few moments to check your insides.
See what room you have for Jesus.
If you are honest it works best!
And if you notice only a proverbial cowshed corner is left...shift out what needs moving and make room for this Jesus.
Give Him the very best space. He is worth it and He is worthy!

Something to think about...

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What Odds?

There is a popular Book and Movie at the moment which uses the line...
"May the odds be ever in your favour"
Sounds good doesn't it? Having the 'odds', whatever they are, on your side...
But just as the line was a sham in that story, 'odds' are a sham for us as well.
Well they are supposed to be I think.

This is why I say this...

Whenever I look at how God came through in some way for a person, a group, a Church or a had nothing to do with the odds being in their favour!
In fact the opposite is always true.
In our culture now we see people only do things when the perception is that they have everything going for them.
Choices are made based on the odds of a so called good outcome.
Eliminate risk and you are wise is a mantra of our time.

But I see a greater Kingdom principle at play when it comes to God.
He doesn't appear remotely interested in the odds being manipulated towards our side or agenda or plans.
If they always are...then who gets the glory? And who gets the actually really important to the odds equation.

When you read about Jonathan and his armour bearer (1 Samuel 14) going up against their enemy, the odds were not on their side at all!
Not only were they 2 against hundreds. Not only did they have limited weaponry. Not only did they not have the element of surprise.
They also faced an enemy with the higher ground (a recognised military advantage).
To even get to the battle they had to climb on their hands and feet to get there.
Not the best way to being ready to fling your sword around, when your hands are busy clambering yourself up some steep hill.
With all that was against them, the result was that they routed their enemies!
Why? Because God got the glory from the odds being ever so much against them.

So this week...please don't pray for better odds!
Don't wait for the wind to blow in the right direction or all the signs to point in your favour!
Instead put your hope and trust in the One who gets the glory from you beating the odds.
Be a person of faith not a person of chance or of even comfort.
And see what our awesome God could do for you???

Something to think about...