Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Day 48 : Covid-19 Lockdown in Taupo : "Should I Say Anything?"

I am pretty frustrated just like many of you.
You have my sympathy on that front.
We are nearly up to 50 days of #lockdownlife and the complete finish of which, is still very murky.
When will it end?
Should I get incensed?
And then we here in New Zealand have been told NO to having Church Services as we are familiar with, until further notice. Again, no clear idea when we will be given permission by those in leadership over us.

Should I say anything?

Should I get wild? Post on facebook my anti-authoritarian rants?
Should I be a good little citizen and "zip-it" as they say?

I have learned over the years to measure my response to things.
Not always good at it, I still try. To take a breath. To pray a little.
And then and only then do I make a comment. Well that is my plan anyway.

Here are todays thoughts in a few points:

1. Honour those who are over you, honour God more.

Scripture is clear in Romans 13 that we should honour those in authority over us, no matter who they are, no matter their role, religion etc. Paul makes it clear that God himself allowed them to be in that role.
The trick here as a follower of Christ is to know whether or not to comply.
You need to take a breath, pray a little, then plan any or no response.

2. What the enemy meant for evil, God makes for good.

The early Church gets trotted out as the utopia of Christian modelling. People love to talk about their unity, sharing of resources, huge numbers getting saved and all those good things.
Interesting even though it seems to be a wildly successful Church model, God seems to have a next step that I guess they didn't pick at the time. Opposition arose from those over them, the governments, and they were forced to spread out from Jerusalem.
Many have surmised that this was a difficult time. That the debate about this being of God or not abounded. But history tells it was the best thing, the Gospel spreads further and faster.

So where does that leave my thinking on this?
Right now, today, in this moment, I am taking a breath, praying a little (or a lot) and asking God what my response should be.
Could this be a moment to fight?
Or could this be a moment to excitedly ask God to move us into the next exciting phase of the Church?

Something to think about...

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