Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Flying Mud and Sex Toys

Recently a leading political figure was doused in some foul smelling brown concoction as a form of protest.
Another political figure had his face targeted with some kind of sex toy.
I have been to plenty of events where a public figure has been introduced to speak and boo's spontaneously erupt from many in the crowd.

Being against something that is painfully and obviously wrong is totally cool in my book. I value the fact that we live in a country where protest is possible.
Where I feel very, very uncomfortable is the level some think is acceptable to go. When and where it is appropriate, that sort of thing?

Being someone who tries my best to follow Jesus example, I have come to realise there are times for different reactions and responses to things we don't like or agree with.
Sometimes Jesus walked away.
Sometimes Jesus spoke out very strongly.
Another time he made a whip and attacked some people ripping others off.
And finally as a form of protest and wanting change, He sacrificed His life.
Very different approaches indeed!

If you check out Romans chapter 13 it is very challenging reading. Not how we normally want to treat others in authority. I dare you to check it out for yourself...

I desperately want great leaders leading our fantastic town, nation and the world.
So I do what I can, the best way I can. I treat others with respect and pray for them.
That is my form of protest...

Something to think about...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What an Apple Update reminded me of...

I had been putting it off for a little while, but finally gave in to the daily nagging reminders that there was an update for my Apple devices available...
While I sat there dutifully following Apples process, the whole experience reminded me of a few things relating to our faith.

Someone else has decided what is best for me...
Some well meaning Apple executive decided that I needed this particular update and told others to make it happen. They are paid to know more about these things than I ever will.

God has a far better vantage on my life than I do.
He sees it best and also knows exactly what I need, when I need it.
Because He is changing us from glory to glory, He plans a process of 'upgrades' along the way.
The moment we try to avoid them we have avoided God's best for ourselves. If we decide God has done enough then we have deceived ourselves that we know best...

A small tweak here and there to make things better...
Incremental small updates seems less troublesome and stressful so I let them happen regularly.

I think God prefers to gently and progressively work on upgrading us as it is the most pleasant way for it happen. When we short cut or derail the process the big changes that end up needing to happen hurt just that little bit more...

Updates take time and so does anything worth doing...
Yes I wish Apple made the perfect phone or app etc right from the start. But I also have enjoyed seeing the evolution over time in front of my eyes.

When I look back at where I have been and who I was to now, what God has done and is doing is pleasing!

I realised there were apps I wasn't using and they were just taking up space...
Prompted by todays update I noticed that I have a catalogue of apps that really weren't being used anymore or that helpful to me anymore. Some were taking up valuable space I could be using for other things.

With each upgrade or change that I let God do in my life, I come to realise I have clutter in my heart.
There are some things a long the way that I have discovered aren't needed or that shouldn't be hung on to. Things that aren't helping my spiritual life now so out they go!

Something to think about...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Apparently it only takes 2 steps?

Last night I watched a brief story of a guy who was once working 2 jobs and in a relationship he was happy with. Next moment he found himself with no relationship, nowhere to live, loosing his jobs and ended up homeless and hopeless.
He made a specific comment when interviewed that "we are all 2 steps away from our lives falling apart". That particular comment has been still swirling through my mind over 12 hours later.

Can I turn this around a little for us?
While I probably agree that most of the time we can be a few decisions away from disaster, you are actually only one decision away from something better!

I don't believe God will only work on our behalf or make things right/better if we do multiple steps.
That screams to me of having to earn God's goodness and favour.
When I see God coming through for people, it is normally based on one step towards Him and what He has for us...

When the thief hung on a cross beside Jesus getting what He deserved and Jesus didn't...he came to Jesus in a very real way. Jesus words to him..."today you will be with me in paradise".

Elsewhere in scripture we are told that now is the time of salvation, today is the day the Lord has step...everything can change!

A great leader once said this to God's people...
"Choose this day who you will serve...
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!"

Can I encourage you to not focus solely on how you might stuff up your life...but on seeking God for that one step towards Him today that could make all the difference?

Something to think about...