Sunday, May 03, 2020

Day 39 : Covid-19 Lockdown in Taupo : "Check your Gauges"

The car I drive is not exactly new or flash, but it gets me where I need to go...well normally!
Until recently it has been super reliable.
And then something changed...

Something I have been reminded of a lot in these last few months is that sometimes you need lift the bonnet and check things.
Check the oil and its level.
Check the water.
Check all the other fluids and features that effects normal operation of the car.
Sometimes you can 'gauge' things from a cursory glance across the dashboard. Other times you need to take a moment to look under the hood.

Just 2 days before we went to complete lockdown here in New Zealand I checked things.
To my horror the water reservoir was really low.
Even though that meant a made scramble to get it repaired, I am super glad I checked it. It would have been worse to have been completely broken down during the lockdown, with no remedy available!

As people, it seems we many times wait until we breakdown or are super close to it, before we address things in our lives.
Whether in the natural or spiritually, a crisis seems to be for many our default times to address things.

I would like to suggest to you today to not leave things that long if you have the power to do.
Check your emotional and spiritually gauges.
Sometimes it could be a cursory glance.
Other times you might need to get under the hood.
But please don't ignore the gauges.
And that way you can avert disaster.

Something to think about...

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