Wednesday, March 31, 2010

do you really know?

Seems to be a reoccurring theme for the last couple of weeks, but I saw another interview today that inspired me to share these thoughts.
Unlike last weeks where the interview lasted 5 minutes or more...this one lasted seconds.
That was all it took to share what they knew.
And what they knew, was very little...

A young girl from a religion based school was asked if she could explain what Easter was about. Asked what her teacher had taught them about this annual event on our calendars.

Her answer went something like this….
“Easter is when Jesus was going to be born”

Now whether she got camera fright.
Or whether she was very badly informed…
The reality is that she didn’t know what Easter meant.

Do you?
Do you know what it is all about?
Do you know what it means to you personally?

My encouragement to you (I am doing this myself).
Is to look at the story behind the first Easter again.
Don’t wait until Friday or Sunday.
Take some time today or tomorrow and check it out.
Let it get into you. And let God speak to you through it...

To help you, you can read about it in your Bible.
If you don’t have a Bible check out this link
Matthew 26:26—28:15
Mark 14:32—16:19
Luke 22:39—24:12
John 18:1—20:31
Watch the Passion of the Christ Movie.
Read a book like The Case for Christ.
Maybe even check out this Brick Testament version

Do whatever you can, to know what you can, about the season that changed the modern world.
A season and event so powerful that it reset the calendar forever!

Something to think about…

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This week I am doing some things that to be honest I feel a little apprehensive about.
Funny how a little change or a little variation to a so called ‘normal week’ can change your feeling and outlook on life.

I saw an interview with a guy who has moved here from the USA recently.
He is on the face of it, a very successful businessmen at only the age of 24. He seems self assured and naturally confident. Things appear to have worked for him very well.

Apparently his life revolves around moving every 4 months to another country to explore, learn, develop networks and grow his businesses.
He doesn’t actually chose the new location.
His followers of his blog suggest where…

Now you would think such an adventurous guy would not have much to say about moving and change. But he freely admitted in his interview that it scares him every time.

I am going on a camp for a few days with people I don’t know, to a place I have never been before…
On the face of it I am scared as well.

But that scared just indicates the change.
It doesn’t dictate the result of the change.

I reckon it will be better than I expect.
It is actually a great opportunity to serve others I don’t normally get to serve.

My point is that I want to encourage you push past the fear of change this week.
Don’t be afraid to live life with change.
Don’t avoid it. It will grow you...and maybe help change your world just that little bit more….

Something to think about…

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

imagine your life being a roller coaster

Do you sometimes wish your life was more stable?
Maybe more consistent?
You know, a life with less ‘drama’ or unexpected moments?
That sort of thing….

I catch myself thinking that way sometimes, which got me thinking this week. Would I be happier?
Would it be better for me?

The more I thought about it, the more I started swinging back the other way.
Here’s why...

Imagine your life being a roller coaster, except that this roller coaster just does one thing.
It may be a roller coaster in theory but it does one predictable thing. Just loop after loop.
The trouble with the predictability is that it makes you sick.
Sure you know what is coming.
There are no nasty surprises.
But the lack of variety eventually wears you down to probably boredom and/or vomiting!

Imagine your life is like driving to a destination that is a long way away…
What makes the journey better for you?
Driving in a straight line for hours just because it seems simple and more efficient?
Or winding roads, sweeping corners, changes of scenery?

I have reminded myself that life isn’t really living when it is predictable, safe...lacking in some ‘drama’.
Realising this doesn’t make it easy, but helps flavor my attitude a bit. Easy isn’t so good after all…

I want a great life!
I want everything I can get from it!
So I think I will fight the desire for stable and safe just that little bit more.

Something to think about…

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I watched a bunch of people (actually a large bunch) being very focused on their task, their goal, in the weekend.

Over 1100 people were competing in the annual Taupo Ironman, and I was one of the many thousands volunteering to help make the event work for them.

It is an amazing event.
Even more amazing to me actually being there and being involved in my little way.
3.8 km swim.
180 km bike ride.
And to cap it all off...a complete marathon!
That is 42 kms as a bonus…

One thing it made me think of is that you can’t do this event by accident. You can not just getup on that Saturday morning and turn up to the swim start line at 7am and expect to complete the race.
Neither can you finish the race with just being there.
You need to be determined.
You need to be focused.
You have to shut everything else out and not be distracted.

As someone running a different sort of race, there are quite a full parallels for me.
It has reminded me that my race requires the same things…
Turning up is not enough.
I need to be determined.
I need to be focused.

A guy called John, who later in life is nearly boiled to death in a big pot, wrote letters to churches the same as some of the other early disciples.
He finishes one letter not with the usual pleasantries.
But with a curious phrase…
“keep yourselves from idols”

Because John knew that to make it as a disciple you have to prevent yourself from being distracted.
That if you keep your eyes on where you are heading, then you have a better chance of making it there.

My encouragement to you this week as you run your race of faith in God, is to not be distracted.
If you know that you are distracted or not as focused as you could be...remove whatever distraction you may be facing.

It is worth it! And you will complete your race.
Just like an Ironman...

Something to think about…

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

plonker with an opinion

I found myself upset again today because of someone’s opinion. Their opinion was pretty ‘out there’ and in many places plainly wrong in my opinion.

Here’s the deal…

I was doing some research for a group I am sharing at tonight. I remembered some stuff that a guy called Rick Warren had written in a book called The Purpose Driven Life related to my thoughts.
So I did the google thing.

Yes I did get the references for what I was looking for…
But I also got a lot more.
Most of them seemed to be extremely critical of Mr Warren and his book.

One guy with an opinion had created a blog to ‘warn’ us all of how bad Mr Warren and his book are.
Part of his opinion was the reasoning that the cover art proved it was anti-God because it had a tree and roots showing. It his zeal to express himself he has taken a scripture out of context from the Bible to try and prove his point.

To be honest...I thought this guy was a plonker!
Actually a few hours later, I still do.

Everyone can have an opinion.
But having an opinion doesn’t make you any more right about an issue or a subject.
Opinion is not always fact.
Opinion can change at any time if something else convinces it otherwise.

For me I don’t want more opinion.
I want to better understand what God thinks about something.
And when I don’t understand everything completely, to not develop an instant opinion that it must be wrong.

Jesus said that by something’s fruit i.e. what it produces, that you can have a more educated opinion of its worth.

For our man with the opinion...I don’t know much about him or what good fruit he is producing except being wrong. And bitter. And upset.
As for Mr Warren...millions have been helped by his book.

Think I will vote for Mr Warren at this time.
That’s just my opinion...

Something to think about…