Thursday, May 07, 2020

Day 43 : Covid-19 Lockdown in Taupo : "Be Who You Expect"

I have seen lately a whole bunch of people upset by a certain style of living and leadership.
It is where someone tells you how to live, behave etc but doesn't follow their own dictates.
Then to make things worse for those upset, the perpetrator of their hypocrisy explains it away, that the rules simply don't apply to them.
And that makes it worse for the people upset...

I have used a 2 bucket system for all my adult life.
What is this system?
I have 2 imaginary buckets in front of me.
Into one I put all the good things I can learn from others.
Into the other I put all their mistakes, missteps and moments that don't match my expectations.
From there you focus on the first bucket.
Maybe that could help you too?

Anyway, my main thought here today is that you and you alone should decide ultimately how you will live. You need to decide, make the choices, and live with the consequences.
Don't get upset by those hypocrites.
And don't stoop to their level.
You be who you know God would like you to be and that's all!
If you are a leader, be a great one!
If you are a follower, be a great one!
Live up your own expressed expectations.
Do what is right. Keep your conscience clear.

Something to think about...

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