Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I like guitar things...and in particular the pedals we connect into that help to make the cool sounds we play with.
It isn’t just about having the right pedals, but also the right combination of pedals, in the right order...and then something sweet can come from them.

Imagine if you went to McDonalds this week and ordered the new Lamb Burger (please note, they are not
sponsoring this example...maybe they should?) and the burger maker decided to change things up a little?
Instead of the pictured burger on display you get one with different ingredients.
Instead of the lamb you get a steak.
Instead of the egg you get avocado.
Or instead of the aioli you get melted cheese.
Now each of those things might float your boat, and they are valid on their own in some way...but if the
combination is not don’t get a lamb burger.
You don’t get what you expected or wanted.
You are left with ‘something else’...

I have learnt in life and especially in my trying to live my life for Jesus that it is important to get the combinations right.
I don’t want ‘something else’…
I want the best my life can be!

This journey to get the right combination of things in life that makes you sound and taste sweet, actually takes a bit of work, a little bit of consideration.
You need to look carefully at what you are working with.
You need to review your inputs and outputs.
Review your influences, which act as seasonings.

Take a little time this week to just sit down and review where you are at.
Pray and meditate on what God will tell you.

I have found that God is really keen to get the best out of me. To that end, if you are open, He will help you to get the best combination going in your life.

Something to think about…

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This simple thought is going to expose my age…

The very first computer I was able to use was a Sinclair ZX81

I was excited about the opportunity when it came up, because I had been reading about the idea of a personal computing device for some time.

As I sat at this thing I wondered what to do with it?
The only thing that came to mind as a kid was to ask it questions and see if it knew the answers.
I guess I wanted to see how smart computers really were?
I stupidly and clumsily typed “do elephants have trunks?” thinking it would be good to start with something simple.
And to my horror, after I hit the enter key...nothing happened! It didn’t have a response because it was missing something that comes before...and that thing was input.

Without input you have nothing to give.
Just like an old ZX81, if you haven’t had it entered into you, you generally can’t pass it on. You can’t repeat
something, you can’t respond even in a way you might like to.

For the last couple of days I have been giving myself plenty of input.
I drove to Auckland listening to podcasts and worship all the way.
I attended a conference with great speakers sharing on all sorts of things relating to the Kingdom of God.
We even had really cools times of worship where we really spent time in the presence of God.
Then to cap it all off I drove home last night repeating what I did on the way...listening to more podcasts.

What did all this do?
Well among many things, it made me feel like I had something to give. I didn’t feel empty, in fact I felt full!

Maybe if you are feeling a little empty, all you need is a bit more input.
There are plenty of places to get it, you just need to go get it. Make the effort. Be intentional.
Can I encourage you to live your life with an eye on your spiritual fuel tank?
Yes it will go up and down...that is ok.
But don’t let it get to empty.
Get some great input!

Something to think about…

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I have been reading this book called Job in the Bible lately...and it is certainly a little different to most you can read in the “good book”.
It is actually considered one of the oldest books in the Bible. Maybe even predating Exodus?
It is about this guy called Job who essentially suffers incredible loss. Then some people came around who are supposed to be his friends and there is lots of talking!
I mean lots and lots and lots of talking.
There are plenty of ideas shared. Opinions.
It seems to last a long time.

So here we are some possible 5000 years later, and what I have noticed is that some things never change.

When someone goes through tragedy.
Or when someone is wrestling with something very personal to them...
Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has an answer.
Everyone feels they should share something no matter what it is.

As in Job’s story and in our time, the key event for me is this...God Turns Up!

It is right to have people around us in tough times...but it is even more important to have God around.
Opinions and thoughts can sound good on some level,
but a word from the main man will actually make all the difference!

Sometimes I think we should just shut up.
There is a time for talking and a time for no talking and just listening.
In fact there is apparently a Jewish tradition of just sitting with someone who has faced loss.
There was no expectation of huge discourse.
Just the divine knowledge of having someone there.

So my thought ultimately is this I guess…
Let’s focus on what God wants to say to someone in need more than our opinions.
Let’s be friends without too many words.
Let’s let God do most of the talking…
As challenging as that might be!

Something to think about…

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

can I fit more in?

This may be more of a ramble than coherent...but let's see how it goes?

I was wondering today how to fit things in.
How do I do everything I need to, just have to do, what others want me to do and maybe even what I would like to do?...
And you know what? It is hard sometimes...

Then a thought struck me.
How much of my day am I trying to fit Jesus into?
Could I add more of Him to the day I am living?

I think we all have some room for Him, or more of Him.
It is just that it always comes down to a choice.

Yesterday I meet someone new.
That is what can make human interaction fun...a little bit of new and unfamiliarity. And I found myself wanting to bring Jesus into the conversation.
I didn't want to freak them out or sound weird to them.
So I just was myself and talked about Him like how I know him personally.
I wasn't ashamed to mention him as a motivator for what I choose to do with my life.
And that felt just right...

So where else can I add more of Jesus?
When I train?
When I shop?
When I cook a meal?
When the phone rings?
When a text appears?
I bet you are like me and have to make the choice to add or not God's Son onto the mix of our lives.

Have a quick think now and make plan where you can bring Him more into the mix.
It could just change your life...or even someone else's?

Something to think about…

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I have been hearing the same phrase quoted from the Bible recently, and it has really pricked my imagination.

You may have heard this before?
How in Matthew 5 verse 14 Jesus said that His ultimate plan for you and me is that we be the light of the world.
That sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it?
But listen to what he continues says in the same breath essentially…

“A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”
Some versions use the word “city” instead of town.

It struck me when I was meditating on what that means for me right now, that we are not supposed to be small. That you are not a house or a suburb...but God would like to turn who you are and your potential
influence into a something city sized!
That you become soooo big that nothing could hide you even if you tried or something else tried.

Now that is a staggering thought!

Ok, so you now know you need to be how do you get bigger?

In the natural it is real simple. You eat more.
But if you want it to be a healthy bigger, then you don’t just eat more, you exercise and you train your muscles.

To turn yourself into a city…
You need to ingest more of God.
Take in His Word and His Presence.
But to not just blow up in God, you then take it a step further and Worship Him.
Worship in the literal sense of having a worship lifestyle.
That lifestyle is simply serving, being God honouring.
Getting involved where ever you can, being light.
Turing up to Church and loving others and loving God through the times we worship together.

It is not complicated.
It is just choice.

If you want a city you build it one brick at a time based on a carefully considered plan.
If you want to be a city, you do the very same...

Something to think about…