Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Does anyone notice?

I have issued a challenge to myself and our Church to read the whole of the Bible through in one year. Totally believing it will change our lives in 2019 doing this together...

So far I have been right on track with the plan.
Today I was excited to check out the YouVersion app and see my achievement graphically represented. It would mean anyone viewing my profile would see how well I was doing.
As I type this I recognise how prideful this kind of is, but that is not my point today.

I was struck by the fact no one would know I was on track possibly because my streak was not registering for 'perfect weeks'.
Would people think less of me?
Do I keep going if the graphics don't show how awesome I am doing? (Yes I am)

I think sometimes we wonder if anyone notices the good things we do?
It can bother us that in hindsight no one seemed to notice and care. Part of our make up to some degree is this need to be noticed, to have recognition. And yes, taken too far is very dangerous for us on a number of levels.

I was reminded today that no matter what I do in life and especially for the Kingdom of God, God will also see, He will always notice, He will always recognise.
Scripture teaches us that God sees what was done in secret and in fact rewards it.
Jesus in Matthew 6 teaches us to:
Give in secret.
Pray in secret.
Fast in secret.

Please know what you do matters to God.
Even if no one recognises it and acknowledges it, you have a fan in God today.
God promises us to reward us for our Kingdom work.
Maybe it is indeed better if no one sees what you do?

Something to think about...

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