Monday, December 24, 2018

There is that moment...

I can remember the day with a lot of detail when both my boys were born. The location, the weather, the sounds and smells, the people involved, the drama...
Then there is that moment when everything changes.
Straight after the birth where everything stops. Where a strange calm settles. Maybe not strange in the sense of weird, but something surreal in nature.

I don't think that Mary ever forgot the day Jesus came into the world.
It had been supernatural and strange. Stressful and stupendous.
And as she sat with Joseph in that stable holding the Son of God in her young arms, I think she had a moment. Maybe even a series of moments.
Scripture tells us that she pondered.
That she treasured it all in her heart.
A peace would have come that was palpable and divine.

This Christmas may it not just be a season, but a moment for you.
As you take time to reflect on Jesus entering the world and setting you up for salvation, may God's peace flood your whole being.
There should be for you and me our moment, where our time of reflection brings a supernatural peace to our souls.

As you read this please know I have been praying this would happen for you!
To all my readers wherever you are around the world...may this Christmas be special for you.
I am blown away that you keep coming back.
That there are so many of you from every corner of the globe.

Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and yours.

Love to you all!

*I will take a break over the holiday season and be back with you in early 2019*

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