Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How I hear from God?

One of the super amazing and cool benefits of giving your life to Christ is this...
You get to hear God speak to you!
That's right, God wants too, to not only speak, but for you to hear His voice.

Why do you need to?
Life is pretty good and pretty challenging on varying tips of the scale. God makes all the difference for me. When I need it, He speaks direction, inspiration and more, and it changes the balance of life for me.

Each year for the last 9 years I have been in a position to be able to head to Auckland for our annual Elim One Conference. And every year I have found God speak clearly to me in ways I have needed. The timing is always perfect. How I felt before going is always countered by what He encourages me with while I am there.
Because it has happened so consistently I now have a healthy expectation of hearing from Him over those few days.

As I was thinking about this amazing privilege this morning, I couldn't help wonder if there were some keys for me that could be keys for you?

Here are few I have jotted down...

Removal of Distraction
The more I am locked into a routine of business.
The more I am controlled by social media curiosity.
The more my heart is drawn to simply be entertained.
Well the more I distracted...
I even wonder if the noise of life is normally so much I couldn't hear God even if he was speaking clearly.
Conference for is more than a venue or a speaker, it becomes for me a place where I am not distracted by life and can simply focus on listening.

Expectation is Key
As I hinted in my intro I expect to hear God speak.
It is not an arrogance thing but a simple child life faith thing.
God is my Father in Heaven and I am His kid. Good Fathers communicate with their kids, God came up with that idea! So I go expecting and to this point, I have never been let down.

Take Notes
Human beings have a habit of hearing and then forgetting the conversation details.
So I take note of what I believe God is saying immediately. I write it down wherever and whenever.
Over the following few days and weeks I go back over it, meditate over it, pray over it, ask God more questions around it.
In doing that, I have discovered the conversation is not lost and the impact is immeasurable.
I figure that if God spoke I should take notice.
I also never want to skite that I hear God but not be able to say distinctly what it was...

Listen to me;
    listen, and pay close attention.
Isaiah 28:23 NLT

...You’ve opened my ears
    so I can listen.
Psalm 40:6 MSG

Something to think about...

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