Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Rinse & Repeat

Sometimes when I am listening to my Bible App it does something kind of weird. After reading me a section, sometimes instead of moving to the next chapter or book, it repeats the same thing again.
The first time it happened I was driving to Rotorua and couldn't touch my device to fix it.
I got the same 20 verses on repeat for I don't know how many times!

When I finally stopped driving and resolved it, I actually wondered if what just happened was actually the best thing for me? Maybe hearing the same thing 5+ times in a row got it to sink in?
Maybe that was the best thing me?
And maybe that is exactly what God wanted for me?

When I am teaching myself or someone else a difficult guitar part I actually instinctively repeat it again and again until it 'sticks'.
There is something about repetition to help you learn something of value for later or to achieve a result.

Many times in our culture and climate now I see people try something once and then if they are not successful walk away, convincing themselves and others they tried and it didn't work.
Thomas Edison didn't give up after his first failed light bulb!

Can I encourage you to maybe add some Rinse & Repeat to areas of your faith?
Try not to be in too much of a hurry to keep moving on from what you are possibly wrestling with.
If you need to read the same verse 50 times...
If you need to listen to the same sermon 75 times...
If you need to try and learn the same life lesson 100 times...
Using Rinse & Repeat could be the best thing for you?

Something to think about...

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