Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What a fantastic question?

Questions are all part of life and faith...
When you are young you probably drove your parents some what nuts with lots of 'why' questions.
As an adult we question many things for all sorts of reasons.
God even asks questions. In fact God has been asking mankind questions since the beginning of time. Never to punish or make someone feel bad, but because He wants the best for us!

On Sunday we had a fantastic guest speaker/musician sharing on their very personal journey.
Specifically they shared about a 'meteorite' moment which trigged health issues for them.
I hope I have this right from my recollection, but they only truly realised where they were at, when someone or a group of someones, asked them some fantastic questions...

Questions if we are brave, honest and patient with ourselves and our response, can be truly life changing.
They can lead you to new places and revelations.
They can help in ways you never dreamed.
If someone genuinely cares for us it should make it easier to not be offended when they ask away...

I hope you know that I care for you, even if it through a screen at this point? So can I ask you some questions today?
They will be for fantastic if you aren't offended and can process them in the way I truly mean for them to be, something that could help you, grow you, make sure you tracking well...

  1. Are you truly happy with your life and how things are going?
  2. If you are totally honest is there something you know right isn't right in your life and/or needs addressing?
  3. What place does God take in your life? Is He a big thing or a small thing?

So what are your answers to those questions?
I have my own.
And they are causing me to ask for help. To press into God.
To look for things I enjoy more to add into my daily routine.

Something to think about...

If you would like someone to talk to please be brave and ask for help.
Your Mental Health is so important. I want you to be well.

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