Monday, September 24, 2018

You probably won't like this one?

This will be one of my least read blog posts, simply because it is not what people want to hear.
After over a decade of blogging every single week pretty much, the stats show that the posts that encourage and build up, that are funny of light and tasty are my most popular. Nothing wrong with that on some level. 
It is just that I have noticed that the posts which share a challenging truth from scripture are by far the least popular.

But maybe the best thing for me is to hear what I want to hear the least?

You have probably had moments like me?
Where we have had a parent, a boss or a mentor tell us about an area of our lives that needs attention.
And we are all the same, it is hard to hear, we sometimes bite back in self defence, but ultimately they were right and we needed to change and grow.

Jesus always taught what people needed to hear.
Needed to learn.
Needed to understand...
Never just what they wanted to hear, learn and understand.

He taught to change a life and not simply to make people happy and grow a crowd.
To those trying to live their faith by their own measure He shared God's measure.
To those trying to justify themselves and He called out their self sufficient insular faith.
To those trying to manufacture a result He pointed them back to God, his timing and his provision.

I could be more specific but I am afraid I would offend you, so will leave to the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart about your specifics.

Every single day God points out areas of my heart He would like to continue His work on.
Every single day I apologise to God. 
Every single day I try and lets His word challenge me and change the core of me for the better.

So if you as awesome a follower of Jesus as you think you about putting on your big boy pants and check out the teaching of Jesus that challenges you the most.
To be honest it is probably what God wants you hear, learn from and understand.

Something to think about...

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Sandra said...

Well said.