Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Who is in your corner and...

...whose corner are you in?

When a boxer steps towards their opponent in the ring, they go with some confidence in their preparation and the comfort of knowing someone is in their corner cheering them on, believing in them no matter what.
Even if the crowd is fickle or the fight not easy, your corner person or team is what you lean on as you face your field of battle.

This last week I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to stop and talk to a couple I knew were in a battle.
As is drove down their street on the way to something else, I just knew I had see them, to be their person in their corner again.
It was amazing! We had a great talk, prayed together and I went away pumped for what God might do even more of in their lives.

As I drove off I really felt the Holy Spirit ask me encourage you to do something similar.
To challenge you to look for the opportunity to be in someones corner this week.

I truly believe that this is a two way thing.
We should endeavour to be ring side for others. Cheering them on.
We should have someone or a group of someones behind us. Doing the same for us.
That's right, you can do both and be both.
Ask the Holy Spirit to led you and help you...and He will...
Be around other followers of Christ so they can be in your corner.

So who is in your corner...and whose corner are you in?

Something to think about...

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