Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jesus Relevance and Politics

Wow, just wow...
All around the world I am seeing this amazing move of engagement in politics.
I am old enough to have noticed a change since my first days of voting in a general election here in New Zealand. With the new platforms that social media have brought us, I believe the number of people saying what they think has grown dramatically.
And they are saying it loudly.

Here is my angle today...
I am a firm believer that as a follower of Christ, a disciple, I need to do what I can to copy my Saviour.
When Jesus was here some 2000 years a go there were politics, they had social upheaval worse than many of us face, He faced pressures to speak out on those issues and more.
I am disturbed many times when I see other believers seemingly acting nothing like Jesus and saying Jesus supports their actions. While that may upset some readers, I am more concerned with us discovering the relevance of Jesus to our world and in particular our political engagement.

Now to offend maybe some more of you...
After studying Jesus life and ministry for many years, I have come to the conclusion He was ______.
I leave it blank on purpose.
I don't believe He was left, right, centre, populist, communist, republican or democrat.
He was here as He said "on His Fathers business", the business of getting people to see past politics to eternity and the Kingdom of God.
Jesus relevance was to bring heaven to every personal encounter.
Jesus didn't set up a political party but a world changing movement of like minded and hearted people. People who look past labels to helping people secure an eternal home in heaven.
Jesus was not a social justice warrior.
Jesus was not a political activist.
Jesus was and still is, the Son of God.

So my challenge to us all as we navigate our own personal political preferences and leanings, is to filter it through what our Saviour modelled.
He modelled compassion.
He modelled truth and grace in equal measure.
And he modelled laying down your own preference for the sake of others.

Something to think about...

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