Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When you are low God issues an invitation

I was struck by something I hadn't picked up on before in the story of Gideon over the weekend...
When we are introduced to Gideon it is actually at a bad time in his life (Judges 6).
He is feeling pretty bad about his place and station in life.
He is hiding. Some even believe that he was possibly depressed?

What does God do?
God turns up in the middle of his despair and speaks to him via an angel. And what God says and how He says it I think is very much important and something we can learn from.

God's response is not to simply pat him on the head spiritually and commiserate.
God speaks directly to who Gideon can be instead of who he currently considers himself to be.
God wants to lift Gideon out of that pit different to how he went in.
He tells him who He says that Gideon can be. Not ignoring Gideon's circumstances, but issuing a divine invitation to lift him up. To place him somewhere better. Offering a new way forward which carries favour from heaven.

If you are not in a good place right now, can I issue you an invitation to find out Gods new invitation to you?
Maybe take some time to seek Him in His Word?
Maybe seek out someone filled with the spirit of God to prophecy over your life?
You do not have to stay in any form of a pit.
Rise up you mighty man or women of God!!!

Something to think about...

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John said...

Contrary to popular opinion I've always seen Gideon as courageous. He was the only one prepared to protect the harvest. To go out on a limb and thresh the wheat in the wine press. Discouraged that evrryone's harvest was being stolen he was not going to allow it to happen to his family. Hw qas going to push against the enemy. Our Father looks for that..... It's just how I see it.