Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Popularity Contest?

When did the Church become so much of a popularity contest?
If the Church is God's people, why do many see some people as better than other people?
Why do many not want to be committed to one, but rather free to enjoy the best of every Church family?

Now before some of you tell me I sound upset or maybe even bitter, I want to clearly state I don't believe I am.
I am just sitting here pondering the idea that I have raised...
This is not a new idea or concept.
Others have pondered it as well.
I am not a control freak over peoples lives. I do not believe any Pastor owns the people he may have the honour of leading. They are God's great people. We are simply entrusted with doing our very best to lead them...

After nearly 30 years soon of following Jesus with every fibre of my being, and being part of many amazing groups of fellow believers in Christ, I have seen many flavours and fads over the years.
Another great leader I know calls them "winds of doctrine". Blowing people here and there depending on what is bright and shiny, hip and happening, labeled as the new thing or just plain cool.
And just as they have come and gone, many people I have walked with, ministered to and from, even had broken hearts with, have at many times come and gone with those flavours and fads.

When I first started on my faith journey, the 'such and such' were the place to be on a Sunday.
Then that changed when a new worship style appeared.
Then it changed again when a leader failed.
Then it changed once again when someone else got a new building.
Then a new move of God happened (and didn't last).
You get the idea...

So what should it be like I wonder?
Or is this exactly how it is supposed to be?

Here are my two keys for being part of a Church family somewhere/anywhere:

1. Where does God want you?
Apart from the very first Church I went, I have from then and now with my wife, always very seriously prayed and sort God about where we should be. Not praying for the best but where we could be the best fit.
You see I don't see the Church as burger restaurant. Where I can go from McD's to Burger King to Burger Fuel to Better Burger. It is far more spiritual and eternal than a flavour in my mouth and a feeling in my belly.
God has always directed us to we can be fully engaged in whatever family it would be. It has never needed to be perfect, just I hope continuing to move forward.
And just as God's people experienced in the Sinai Dessert, we only move when God moves us.

2. There has to be a mutual relationship
God places people in Church families. In fact scripture tells us He goes out of His way to place the lonely in a caring Church family to become their home.
Let's grab that burger thing again for a moment. When the Church is a burger restaurant we can easily and quickly flick from a fan to disappointed customer. Even leaving a bad review online along the way.
I see the Church as a place for mutual benefit of every single member.
Where you can be served and you can serve.
If you are hurt by life, the Church is there to help facilitate your healing in Christ, in part, so you can once be part of the mutual benefit process.

Then I think of Jesus...
Jesus was popular one day and not the next.
Some days His teaching changed their lives, changed the very direction of life for them. Then the next day it could offend their very soul.
One day they worshipped Him as King and then the next it seems, demanded that He be crucified.
So maybe I shouldn't be surprised by all this?

The questions I have pondered today actually reinforce for me personally my conviction.
That I will always seek God for where I need to be regardless of what is cool.
That I will always seek to serve God over where that place may be, what seems cool or anything else.
God's Church is so very special and it will never be a place for me of consumerism, but a place to bring the hope of God to as many as possible.

Something to think about...

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Unknown said...

I love it that you have followed Jesus with every fibre of your being Locky. I believe that Hazel followed him in the same way and is now having a wee chat with him as he blesses her.