Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Will I Be Ready?

It is that time of the year for me and maybe for you, where you feel pretty spent emotionally and physically, and yet you are planning for a new year.

Will I be ready for 2019?
The honest answer is possibly no if I don't prepare for it now in some way.

Keeping on trucking is good sometimes but not good all the time.
We need to measure and adjust our lives depending on the seasonal attributes we each face.
So here is my simple thought advice (that I am working on personally).

Press in to get things working

Often we try to press on when the best thing to do is press in.
I find pressing on easier because of my personality and work ethic.
Jesus advice for us is the opposite at this point. He encourages us to find our rest in Him and take His yoke upon ourselves.

When we rest in Him we find refreshing not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and every other 'ally' word in faith.
Resting is an active thing. It is not some mystique eastern vibe of clearing your mind! It was the opposite. It its stopping all the striving and filling up on spiritual fuel for another day.

The 'His Yoke' part requires some honest reflection.
Am I doing what He wants or what I think He wants?
It is ok to ask yourself and God that question...

Change it up if it not working

If you are tired and life / ministry are not working like they should, maybe it is time to change something.
If Jesus asks you to change everything fine, but I tend to find He asks me to change something.
To change one thing. Sometimes a simple thing.

I am removing a few activities that while good they are not making me be great. I am looking at my routine and seeing where some tweaks can be made.
Sometimes a change can make you feel new without being dramatic.
And just because you always have doesn't mean you always should...

Train myself to get how I would like it working

In the last 10 years I have loved the sport journey that I have roller coasted on.
Not because it has been a roller coaster, but because I have learnt a lot about myself and how life works from that perspective.
When you have a goal, like a race, you train accordingly.
Spiritually it is the very same thing. If you have a goal for 2019, train accordingly.
Wishful thinking will never get you to the finish line.
You need some training in your tank before the race.

Please don't hang in there my friend hoping 2018 will finish and that a calendar change will magically fix whatever you don't like about your life...
Maybe you could do what I am doing and make some changes?
Let's be ready for 2019.

Something to think about...

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