Wednesday, September 19, 2018

And now it is time for the news...

When I was growing up the 6 o'clock news on our TV was a massive deal in my house.
If it was on, as a child you were expected to stay quiet until at least the next ad break. It was a big deal. It was generally seen as a key time to gather news on local and international events.
The same went for the newspaper. Dutifully delivered each day even though we lived in the country side, on a farm. If Dad was reading the paper he really wanted to read the paper.

My point is you go two shots per day at getting information on what is happening in the world, so they better be good...

Today I get news 24/7.
Newspapers have an online presence and present news all day long.
Social media users pass on bits of news all day long.
Radio stations give me news every 30 minutes.
Commentators post and share their views on the same news just as quickly.
Headlines, thoughts, analysis, opinions...on and on it goes...

What I am noticing is that the 'news' has changed.
While having it more often and generously presented may seem like we are better informed, I think the opposite is now true.
When a 'story breaks', there is no time to investigate it, be subjective, ask more questions, dig a little deeper. When a 'story' appears, it is only a headline or a snippet. In fact by definition there is no actual story many times simply a statement or merely an opinion.
I say to people all the time when a new story comes forward, "just wait a few more days" and you will probably have a more truthful story (well hopefully?).

The Good News about Jesus is nothing like the news of today.
It was researched and presented by people who were there and weren't there.
It has been critiqued for several thousand of years including by those who didn't think it was true. And yet this news has impacted me and many around me like no other headline could.

The Good News about Jesus is not merely an attention searching headline. It is not just another hashtag away from creating another short term trendy movement.
The Good News about Jesus will change your life and your world.
Take a moment to check it out for yourself today.

Something to think about...

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