Wednesday, June 30, 2010


“word to yo motha”
I heard that phrase in an 80’s song that someone was performing recently...funny aye!
It actually comes from an old Vanilla Ice song.

Apparently the meaning is one of agreement.
If you said that, you were agreeing with a statement someone else had just made.
The other funny part is that it is commonly attributed to the Afro-American culture...not some skinny white guy trying to rap...very badly!

This week saw us doing this E100 Challenge reading to some similar sounding words

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

On face value this can look as confusing as Vanilla Ice trying to be cool.
It is seemingly comparing God and words, and showing that they completely linked together in some way.

I now think that is point!

God is not like us in the sense that he operates exactly like us.
Number one, he exists outside of our time.
Number two, he can not lie.
Number three, he is perfect.
Number four, he is the definition of love.

With all that going for him, when you are talking about His word or what He has a whole new complexion to it.

You see, God doesn’t just think about doing something…
He actually does what He says.
You don’t find references to God promising to deliver on something and not following through.
God ultimately has the power to stand by His word.
He can make it happen!
God’s words to you are powerful.
They are the only words you can fully trust in and never be let down by.
They have a history of proving their reliability.

So as you rock into the rest of your week…
May you remember what God says?
May you trust what he says will come to pass.
It is, and has always been...about His words.

Something to think about…

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