Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This week I am doing some things that to be honest I feel a little apprehensive about.
Funny how a little change or a little variation to a so called ‘normal week’ can change your feeling and outlook on life.

I saw an interview with a guy who has moved here from the USA recently.
He is on the face of it, a very successful businessmen at only the age of 24. He seems self assured and naturally confident. Things appear to have worked for him very well.

Apparently his life revolves around moving every 4 months to another country to explore, learn, develop networks and grow his businesses.
He doesn’t actually chose the new location.
His followers of his blog suggest where…

Now you would think such an adventurous guy would not have much to say about moving and change. But he freely admitted in his interview that it scares him every time.

I am going on a camp for a few days with people I don’t know, to a place I have never been before…
On the face of it I am scared as well.

But that scared just indicates the change.
It doesn’t dictate the result of the change.

I reckon it will be better than I expect.
It is actually a great opportunity to serve others I don’t normally get to serve.

My point is that I want to encourage you push past the fear of change this week.
Don’t be afraid to live life with change.
Don’t avoid it. It will grow you...and maybe help change your world just that little bit more….

Something to think about…

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