Thursday, November 06, 2008

You can read about a guy who suddenly found out you can talk to God in a book you might all have…
This seemingly crazy idea that you can talk to God, and that especially he can talk to you, that you can hear him...

One day God spoke to this young guy through a angel, but because this was all new to him he asked God for several tests to check it was really him speaking.
God didn’t seem to have a problem with it.
He passed the tests this young guy set, and the course of his life and that of his country radically changed.

The story goes on from this encounter to him hearing from God and making decisions rather quickly and efficiently. No record of needing to test this out again and again.

This story illustrates what it is like to be normal.
Getting to know the voice of God is sometimes a little unsettling to start with.
You wonder if it is just your thoughts?
Just your desires?
You wonder why God may speak to you.

The deal for God is that he designed with two sets of ears.
One set that sit on the side of your head.
Another set that are spiritual.
They don’t have a fixed location I can tell you about...they are just part of the spirit that God has placed inside each of us.

Maybe this concept of hearing from God is new to you, or maybe you don’t know his voice all that well yet. Don’t panic.
God is totally comfortable with that.
He is not upset if we question his voice as we get to learn its sound, it nuance.
He is love.
He is graceful.
And his heart is to help you learn.
That as you grow in him it becomes more normal and natural.

So this week…
Take some moments out to ask God to speak to you.
Explore this part of this relationship.
Give it a try.
Have fun with it.
Because God wants to have fun with you….

Something to think about...

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