Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Watch out for the vacuum effect

I have long been a very keen observer of things.
Watching carefully the effects of short and long-term decisions and actions.
And I have seen something called the "vacuum effect" playing a key role in our lives personally, our Churches, and our nations.

Worldwide there is this idea that you should outright do everything you can to remove a problem.
Be aggressive in your approach. Unrelenting in your resolve.

Now this passion achieves something, but something always replaces something.
A vacuum is always filled. Both in the natural and the supernatural here on earth.
In the animal world this is aptly demonstrated.
If you remove a species for any reason, something always will take its place.
In the world we live this is aptly demonstrated.
If you remove an issue for any reason, something always will takes its place.

Right now we are battling racism (and we should).
We are battling disease (and we should).
We are battling sexism, slavery, hunger, homelessness (and we should).
Exhausting thinking about isn't it?...

But what will replace the space from which something is removed?
Obviously I have an agenda. I don't mind admitting it in the slightest!
We need to pour light into the darkness.
Because simply removing a darkness only just lets another darkness take its place...

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

Remember we are light and if we withdraw it just becomes darker.
Darkness doesn't force out light, it isn't that powerful. 
Light is the decider on how much darkness or not there is.

It is time to shine.

Something to think about...

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