Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Opus vs Event

If you want to make me cry just sit me down to watch a movie called Mr Holland's Opus.
I'd better make it clear that that wasn't an invitation.
But I am known for "leaking" during its screening, I have witnesses, and I think I am ok with that...

The premise to the story is based around a man, his name Glenn Holland.
His dream is write what is termed in music an Opus. And not just any opus, one that is defining for him, not just another piece of music but one that people will truly love.
The story essentially is that he thinks every event and moment in life was conspiring against him when in fact the opposite was true. Having his time to write taken away to do extra jobs to pay the bills, helping raise other peoples children as a teacher and raising his own deaf son, all build a growing tension in his soul.
The finale in the movie is Mr Holland's moment of revelation.
That his life has actually written an Opus on every other heart he has come into contact with.
His life made a difference!

So today I want to ask you this...
Are we living to create an Opus 
or living just for the next event?

In our culture we tend to live for the moment.
Live for the next event good or bad that is happening to us and around us.
We are looking forward to the weekend.
We are looking forward to a special event like a birthday etc.
Maybe a holiday, a romance, a new car, the next instalment in a movie franchise.
We base our lives on event stepping stones, hoping we don't slip in some way.

I want to encourage you that God has a plan for your life that is not just based on events, but is more like an Opus.
There are all the "movements" of a great composition.
Highlights and low. Moments of passion and moments of quiet.
And finally the glorious finale.

My friend can I encourage you to enjoy the good moments of life?
Cherish them. But don't live only for them.
Please see your life as something beautiful like a piece of great music that God is writing.
Let Him conduct. Let Him weave his glory throughout the piece.
Your life, my life, can and should be an Opus written by heaven.

Something to think about...

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