Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Simple Thought (Virus Edition)

Sorry that I don't have a more creative title, but being clever is not the agenda of my post today.
Right now your world doesn't need more clever and creative marketing, what yours and my world needs right now is more deep and profound.

You might be asking why?
Why this virus? Why the panic? Why toilet paper?
Why God?

Right now and as I type this I can honestly say I don't have many "why" questions.
My questions are all based around "what"?

"What" is the Church going to look like and function like in this season?
"What" can I do personally to minister to my world?

My "what" is based on the "what" I know about God.
1. He is not surprised by any of these events.
2. He is in control.
3. God has always had a plan for the salvation of people across this amazing world He has made.

Personally and as the Church, we need to discover quickly the "what" is for this season.
Seasoned with grace, filled with compassion, the Church I believe is poised to have an impact that was maybe thought to be limited to the big Church. 
This is a season for the whole Church worldwide to rise. To minister to everyone and anyone well.

I want to encourage you to join me today praying for the Holy Spirit to show us all what our "what" should be.
Get ready my friend! 
We are about to be used by God to a while new level...

Something to think about...


Steph said...

Thanks a lot for your words Pastor Locky, hi from Chile, we are under quarantine, today is our 3rd day so far. God bless the church and protect to is of this virus. So many changes are coming.
A Big hug to the church

Locky McNeill said...

Much love Steph to you and your family! We are thinking of you :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for being source of comfort in these unprecedented times.

Locky McNeill said...

thanks for saying that Sarah - means a lot!

JoyO'S said...

"What can I do to minister to my world?". Great question Locky.

The main answer the Holy Spirit seems to be giving me is to pray more, and as I thought of that I thought of your chart you've posted earlier, and then, "Why not forward that on to our pastor here to help the church members to focus more?"

And FYI, our pastor is recording his own 'Word for this day' every day for us to plug into to keep us connected. May God keep blessing you Locky.