Tuesday, March 03, 2020

I know a man...

I know a man...
A man who lead a group of people to purchase a plot of land on the outskirts of a city area surrounded by farm-lets and small holdings of animals.
This man had a vision to build a Church of 1000 people and to him, this was the next step to seeing the vision become a reality.
At the time most large Churches peeked at 200-300 and imploded if they got close to 1,000.
I wonder if those outside this small group of faithful believers wondered if it would ever work? Maybe some questioned the wisdom of this purchase? Maybe others sniggered and waited for the failure that they were sure would follow in due course.

I visited this place I guess in its early days when they had a shell of a building to meet in.
I remember two things distinctly from that visit:
1. We got lost because it was in the country
2. The building was not finished
But that man had a vision...

Many many years later that same man saw something in me and invited me to join his staff.
By now the vision has essentially been fulfilled. The buildings were built. The targets have been reached. The goal had been achieved.
They were no longer in the country as the town had turned into a city, and now they were right in the middle of it, on a main road, exposed to the world in a dramatic way.
One day that same man sat us all down to talk about how that dream was fulfilled and how God had caused him to dream now even bigger for the future.

For over a decade now I have been serving in another part of New Zealand but have always looked to see what God was doing with the vision he gave that man.
Now they have campuses all across the city. They reach 1000's upon 1000's instead of the original 1,000. The Church seems to be thriving, growing, impacting!

I know a man...he had a vision.
God gave it to him. Others joined him on the journey.
And now God is glorified but something being built impacting generations...

Be encouraged. Dream, dream and dream some more.
Let's be people who partner with the dreamers in faith.
And let's see what God can do with a God shaped dream!

Something to think about...

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