Wednesday, December 06, 2017

I just say "ok"

Following on from last weeks simple thought on saying "no", I also have a philosophy of saying "ok".
This is not the same as simply saying "yes", but the idea that I need to sometimes just roll with what God brings into my life and the manner in which it comes.

Jesus asks us to have this 'kid like faith' thing going on...
For me that means as a child of God, I need to just roll with things sometimes and see what transpires. If I truly believe God is for me and not against me, that if I believe that He has everything sorted, then maybe "ok" is a cool response?

Even in our journey recently to finding a home, this has shown some truth again. No matter how much I stressed or expressed concern to God, He had it sorted.
It was not a matter of whether God would provide a home or not. No yes or no to that part of the equation...just that it will be ok.

Years a go a leader told me of some plans to grow the Churches ministry dramatically.
Everyone else in the meeting was quite negative. They quickly pointed out all the issues and faults with the plan. I felt I should just roll with it and see what happens.
As it turned out, the results were phenomenally good. It was ok.
I was reminded that day that God had it sorted and there was no need for yes or no.
Simply trust and keeping my eyes on the prize of Jesus.

Have you been facing circumstance recently seemingly leading you in a direction you didn't expect?
Can I encourage you to maybe do this?...just pray, trust God and roll with it...unless God says a yes or a no otherwise.

This for me is a posture of sometimes going with what is in front of you. Remember you probably don't have all the details, understand all the reasons for how God orchestrates the journey of your life.
You are simply doing your best to trust God with the course of your life...
It will be OK!

Something to think about...

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