Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wagging Tails

When I was young we had the privilege of having lambs to rear by hand. They were orphans or lambs not bonding well with their mother.
So at this time of year here we were, multiple times a day making up milk bottles, nice and warm, and then feeding these cute little creatures...

I can still picture those lambs that were small and weak when they came to live with us.
I can also remember the way they grew and came to enjoy these feed times, their tails wagging furiously with every impassionaied gulp of the bottles we held for them.

How does this tie in with our faith?

I felt God remind me that we are all maybe like this relationship...
Either we are the lamb desperate for support and through that support being grown and strengthened.
While others of us are like the bottle preparer, bottle holder, having the joy of watching someone grow through our efforts.

Isn't this what our faith is supposed to be like?
Disciples making disciples?
Either we are are being discipled or we should be discipling someone else?

And I guess that is the underlying challenge with this thought today...
Which one are you?
Because I truly think you need to be one of the two.
I struggle to see a third option.
Because the only third option I can come up with is as a spectator, watching others grow, watching others help others to grow.

Before the end of today can I encourage you decide which one you need to be in this season?

Something to think about...

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