Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why aren't we flying?

...because getting there is half the fun...
Apparently that is what Chevy Chases character Clark Griswold states in the movie National Lampoon's Vacation.
As the patriarch of his family unit, he made a decision to take his family on a journey to a theme park not the quickest way, but one where adventure was more likely to exist.
They could have flown and got there in a day. But that was practical, predictable and kind of boring.
A family car trip across states lines appealed a lot more to his sensibilities.

What ensues is 90+ minutes of drama and experience that if real (because in the end this was just a movie) would actually make the destination more worth while.
Because the journey increases the value of the destination to those on the journey.

I shared with our Church recently that Jacob was frustrated in part with his life, because he was so focused on his destination, that he was robbed of the enjoyment of the journey.
And we are just the same. At least I know I can be like that.

When we as a family are heading away somewhere, all I think about is leaving on time and getting their as quickly and effectively as possible.
But in between where I am leaving from and where I am heading to is a whole expanse.
Wouldn't God want me to enjoy the expanse as well?
Shouldn't I be taking in what is around me along the way?
Could I in fact be robbing myself of some of Gods goodness from my life?

I think of scriptures like...taste and see that the Lord is good.
It is not talking about finding out how good God is when you 'get there'.
It is about tasting how good God is along the way!

So this week can I encourage to take a moment and look around you?
If you are on a journey of faith never loose sight of the destination, the race you are on.
But also don't forget take notice of where you are along the way.
Ask God to meet you along the road, along the path, where ever you are right now.
I think it will make your journey more meaningful, enjoyable and valuable.
It will help make the destination of your life grow in value to you...

Something to think about...

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