Wednesday, November 21, 2018

That's Racist!

You have probably noticed like me that one of the most common phrases used these days is to say...
"That's Racist!"

In my morning reading of world events and ensuing commentary, I saw an article where a famous actress was being interviewed.
She admitted that while being African American, she was pretty uncomfortable with blond white women.
She recounted that during her childhood she had some bad experiences with young white girls and it has tainted her heart towards blond white women later in life.
Personally I applaud her for saying this!
Why? Because without simply justifying, she is being open about her struggles with this issue firmly on many of our radars. 
Like her, I am no fan of racism. But she is being, I believe, refreshingly honest about the realities of racism and her journey currently in it.

I think we are all a little racist...
That's right, I think we all are because of our experiences, and possibly from what we have been told. We are all at least a little suspicious of other peoples and cultures we are not familiar or comfortable with. 
Left to our own devices, without outside encouragement, racism seems to build in many groups. 
Out of fear, jealousy, resentment and a full gamut of human emotions, it festers in hearts and then has the potential to explode in very ugly ways.

Racism is for me a heart issue.
It is where it grows, hidden from the world.
Eventually rising to the surface when triggered...

God always wants to help with your heart.
David prayed one day for a new heart because he know that was where his issues began.
Asking God to create in you a new heart is not reserved just for a salvation experience event.
It can be all encompassing if you let it.
God can help you overcome any racist root in your heart today.

I have discovered that God also provides antidotes to our issues.
Being around the people you struggle with in a humble posture will work wonders on your heart towards them.
While being brought up in a faming community I was surrounded by families who were white and considered middle class or better. My environment meant I was sheltered from others skin colours and cultures most of the time. Sadly I remember the stir in the district when we had 2 Maori families move in. People didn't seem to know how to handle it or talk about it.
I think we have grown up a lot since those days thank goodness!

As an adult I have had the opportunity to visit with all sorts of groups in homes, Churches, Marae and more and it has done more to help restrain the racism seeds looking to take root.
Travelling overseas and putting myself into others cultures does you good as well if you let it.

My hope for you is the same as myself...
That we each fight the good fight of faith along with fighting prejudice in our hearts.
If you are honest with yourself and find you are struggling, then ask God to help and expose yourself to what you fear most.

Something to think about...

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