Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Just Rest, Don't Retire

I am not a expert and I am personally learning this still - but I believe when you are tired from whatever you are doing or facing - try and rest instead of retiring.
Take a breather instead of quitting!

Again from my experience and watching the life of others, I find our very most dangerous time to make big decisions is in a place of weariness.
It is at those times you may struggle to see clearly.
You most definitely will operate more out of your flesh than the Spirit.

Jesus took time out for rest and find fresh connection with God.
He did so after major moments of ministry and/or misery.
When the crowd become too much with their weighty and never ending expectations.
When those who were inclined to evil killed a family member.
When He needed to make major choices, like who would be His inner circle that we call 'The Disciples'.
When He was preparing for the last push of His earthly ministry.

Jesus wisely encourages us to come away with Him when we are tired and worn down.
He doesn't say quit to regroup.
Nor give up to grow up.
Or even run away for your protection.
He simply encourages us to find a place of rest...

Are you tired today? Maybe weighed down by huge expectations?
Have you been pushing through in life and/or ministry and you are feeling a bit worn out?
Please don't quit. Please find a place of rest whatever and where ever that may be...
Quitting can be such a negative moment when we get it wrong due to our emotions controlling our defining moves. Finding your rest in God will propel to new levels of effectiveness and won't leave you in regret.

Something to think about...

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The Man said...

Good counsel, I to have know those that have made some poor decisions in times of stress. Causing much personal pain and financial loss. Always good to wait on God to bring back a sound mind and clarity of direction.