Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don't take my word for it...

I truly hope this comes out right and you discover my intentions here...

Can I encourage you to not take too much on face value at this time in history?
Don't just always take peoples word for things without any analysis?


I believe that the biggest battle in the world right now is based around the battle for the 'hearts and minds' of people. Propaganda seemingly now exists everywhere and on every level.
Even those with good intentions seem to sometimes get caught up using half truths to promote their ideals. It is seen as ok if the desired result/change occurs. The ends seems to justify the means...

Today I read an article promoting a certain way of thinking.
The author even encouraged their readers to be aware of 'theology' as part of journey to discovering 'their truth'. Sounding good so far...
Upon further investigation though, the source for their theology and truth was from people who regularly twist theology to their own means and desires. One contributor even makes up historical 'facts' to suit the argument at the time. This person never engages in debate but only in making statements so as to avoid being challenged in a form they can't control.

Just because someone is passionate doesn't mean they are right.
Just because someone quotes something doesn't mean they are right - sometimes the quote is wrong.
Just because someone tells you "the Bible says" doesn't mean they are right.

Many years a go a teacher I know fairly well tried to explain their motives for something. They gave me a bible verse and they quoted the greek text to help justify their life decision.
I felt uncomfortable but at the same I respected them. So I went away and did some research of my own and found out the greek never said what they considered it to say.
I was glad I took the time myself.
It made sure my life and faith wasn't sidetracked.
I learnt a lot from the experience.

I am never afraid to click beyond the place I first land...
What I mean is that I am more than happy to dig a little deeper than face value.
If someone quotes a scripture to me and tells me it means such and such...I regularly go away and research it myself.
I want to make sure my theology stays as correct I can possible. I don't want confusion as part of my life. I am passionate about making sure my life and doctrine match as close to what Jesus expects and desires.

I have for years welcomed people to challenge me on what I teach on Sunday or any day that matter, if it isn't right.
I have elders whose role in part, is to make sure we give sound teaching and interpretation.
In the past I have been 'corrected' by others, and while it is uncomfortable, it is the right thing to have happen. I think it is biblical!

I truly hope you don't think I am asking you to be the worlds biggest cynic!
Scripture encourage us to 'weigh up what is spoken'. To be wise. To let our yes be yes and no be no. To study ourselves as to show ourselves approved. To watch our life and doctrine closely.

Maybe the best thing for us today it 'get curious' for ourselves.
I firmly believe that God wants us all to be able to understand, not just a few learned elites.
Have some fun diving into study and research. It will change your life!

Something to think about...

PS If you want to tools to help you do your own study, I am more than willing to help you!

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