Thursday, January 24, 2008

Personally I think that a lot of what Jesus said on this earth was meant to be provocative and create a response.
At the very least it should cause us to think.Cause us to look a little deeper than the words and find out what God is really wanting to say to us.

Take something like what he said in the book of Luke...
“...anyone who does not carry his cross and
follow me cannot be my disciple.”

This week I was looking at this again and some thoughts hit me that I thought I should share with you…
So many times I focus on the negative.I look at the word cross and then think of death and sacrifice. It reminds me sometimes of what I need to lose and what I need to put aside.
In a sense that is right, but I have also realized this week that Jesus was saying so much more!

Jesus when he went to the cross took upon himself all the sin of mankind.
It was all the sin committed already, at the time, and sin for all mankind in the future. In fact it was so bad God ctually couldn’t look at his son for a moment in time.
Jesus paid the full price.

I also think when Jesus says to ‘carry our cross’ he is also referring to our struggles, those things we think make us weak. He isn’t saying to wait until thinks are feeling great before you pick up and walk. He simply wants you to get going…
That cross you pick up represents your sin and struggles being redeemed by God.

Many people say that they need help in certain areas before they can do something for God. But I can’t find anyone in history who has done anything amazing for God where they didn’t have personal issues they were working through.
William Wilberforce had health problems.
Martin Luther struggled with his faith.
The Apostle Paul said that he had a ‘thorn in his flesh’, that he had asked God to take away.
And Paul’s apprentice Timothy, seemed to struggle with stomach problems.
They never let their weaknesses dictate who they would be in God.
The took them up with their cross and went for it anyway.

If you don’t do the same, those struggles will hold you to one place.
They will be like a ball and chain attached to your ankle.

So this week, pick up your cross...and choose to go for what God has for you, no matter how weak or scared you feel.God promises to come through for you if you will.
In fact he even says that his strength is perfected in our weakness.

Something to think about...

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