Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Another confession time.

Today I made a mistake.

As I drove to a certain place today a little thought crossed my mind. That thought was to not go there. That if I do that it might not be the best thing for me.
To be honest I just ignored it.
I really wanted to go where I was going and do what I had planned.

So I followed through on my intentions...
And ended up stranded on a large flight of stairs at Eastern Beach, wracked with the worst cramp I have ever experienced.
When I eventually hobbled to the bottom I had cold sweats from the pain and nearly fainted.

Maybe, just maybe God was gently telling me not to go there today? Maybe that thought was actually the Holy Spirit doing his ‘still small voice’ thing?

I am recovering now typing this email late because I haven’t been able to move for a long time.

Maybe hearing from God needs two levels of trust?
One, trusting God can speak can you.
Two, trusting yourself to be able to hear.
Where you trust yourself enough to go with the ‘still small voice’ in your head.
I wish I had done the 2nd one today!

Instead of completely beating myself up over this, I am encouraged that God can and will speak to me about even non ministry things. He cares about every area in life, even trying to help me avoid cramp.

Something to think about…

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