Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We quote something a lot when we are wanting to help people to worship God...we say that the Bible says to sing a new song.
This last Sunday was no different.
We sung a new song and I mentioned that passage as we introduced it.

This morning I am still thinking over what that means.
It is very easy to hear something like that verse and take it on face value.
“Sing a new song...ok I will sing a new thing” vibe.
But you have to ask yourself why so that you know why.

Does God get bored with the songs we sing?
Well I am not sure God can get bored in the first place?
Can we get bored with the songs we sing?
Well of course we can if we do the same thing too many times without thinking about it.

Like I mentioned on Sunday, it is all about heart!
When you are bored with a song, you simply can’t put your heart into it. Then that song just becomes like any other song. Not really what God is looking for from His people when we get together...

Take this a step further now.
What about life away from Church on a Sunday morning?
Does ‘new’ need to fit into that equation as well?
Or do we just need to find something that works and keep doing just that?

I have learnt that God likes new and old.
But I think he ultimately likes lots of new.
He is described as a creator first and foremost.
That is all about new.

If you want life to have its ultimate meaning for you, then I think you need ‘new’ in there on a regular basis.
That’s what helps make it exciting and ‘good scary’ at times. That’s what will stretch your faith and help you to grow more.

Do something new.
Meet some new people.
Study something new.
Cook something new.

Whatever it is...I am sure it will challenge you and grow you!

Something to think about…

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