Wednesday, June 01, 2011


You don’t always know what something is truly like until you have tried it. Here is what I mean...

Take Ice Cream.
Until you try it, you have no idea what it really is like.
You don’t know the sweetness.
You don’t know the softness.
Take the Double Down as another example.
Some people had written it off as the most evil thing since Osama Bin Laden, and then been pleasantly surprised about how it tastes.

People say that God is good.
You have probably have heard that before.
It is one thing to hear that something or someone is good. How do you really know?

Psalm 34:8 puts it this way…
Taste and see that the LORD is good

Now obviously you can’t go up to God and actually eat Him. I am sure he is not looking for that type of interaction! The meaning is deeper. Unless you fully try something, you can’t find out what it is really like.

Young kids get this concept instinctively.
Whenever they find something new, what is the first thing they do to learn more about it?
Do they ‘google it’? No, they put it in their mouths.
It is the most personal and close thing you can get to something.

So if you want to find out what God is like…
What living a Christ filled life is like…
What living in freedom and truly living is like…
You have to get into it all the way to truly know.

It is not try before you buy. It is try because you buy.
You by into everything that God has for you.
You can’t sit on the sidelines and be passive.
The life that God has for you is meant to be tasted and experienced to the full.
Maybe that is why we remember what Jesus did for us with bread and wine...because it goes into our mouths. It is something to enter into via tasting.

If there is something about God and His Kingdom you haven’t experienced...taste it, try it, experience it and see for yourself!

Something to think about…

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