Wednesday, December 29, 2010

two words

Hi there...
With the end of 2010 upon us, it always makes for an ‘interesting time’ for many.
Many of us are excited about a new year, with many new opportunities?
While others have maybe not enjoyed what 2010 brought to them, and have some apprehension about yet another year?
Whatever place you find yourself, can I please encourage you with a couple of words?

What I read about how God wants me to live seems to revolve around using my eyes. The scriptures say to turn your eyes to Jesus...indicating that maybe they have been somewhere else?
Peter could do amazing things when he saw Jesus.
His life sank when he didn’t see him!
He sunk in the water and sunk when he denied him.
I have learnt that if I keep looking to him, and can keep on going...then that going seems to exceed my expectations! Which leads nicely to my next word…

If you are like me, your nature is to think a bit negatively sometimes...and guess what I get when I do?
That’s right, nothing much good!
I tell you that I am determined to expect great things for yours and my new year!
To expect that God hasn’t changed at all from the days when he provided miraculously for people in a desert.
Hey, they saw Him! He did stuff. They were left without any doubt that He was their God!

That is my heart for yours and my 2011.
That we are left with no doubt!

But here is the kicker…
You can’t be passive.
Using your eyes and expectation are not passive things at all!
Grab 2011 by the throat and make the most of it and your relationship with God!

Locky :-]

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