Wednesday, September 01, 2010


‘Random is not random’ something you can say in a Yoda voice...and it sounds really cool...deep...and meaningful…

This is what I believe…
When it comes to our lives.
The things that happen.
The choices we are faced with…
Nothing is random.
There is something or someone who is ‘helping’ our lives along.
Creating opportunities.
Arranging circumstances.

God has a history of orchestrating things so we end up in the right place.
It can look and feel random at the time or as you are going through it. But in hindsight, it was exactly the way things should have worked out.

Now you might say that is not cool.
That you want to be in ultimate control of everything.
Fair enough.
But that also means you are ultimately responsible for every outcome.

Maybe, just maybe…
When you do something which might seem random for someone was supposed to be that way?

Man, this is getting a little deep for me as well!

Let me finish by saying this...
If you can believe God created the world, the universe, and can hold it all together in perfect working order…
Then believe that God can arrange opportunities for you.
Believe God will direct you into everything He has for you.

Something to think about…

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